Question by  Meg (224)

What is a good exercise for a broken wrist?

I broke my wrist one week ago.


Answer by  shalini (79)

Exercise is restricted for the broken wrist with one week duration. Immobilize the wrist for six to seven weeks, carry the fingers folding and straightening exercise, squeeze the ball, to improve circulation, prevent muscle wasting, maintain joint range of motion. After the immobilization period wrist bending forward and backward, side to side bend exercise is initiated.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

If you only broke your wrist one week ago, it is too soon to try to exercise it. You are probably wearing a cast or some device to restrict movement. Wait for about five more weeks, and when the doctor says it is safe to remove the cast, you can begin some gentle exercises.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

To be honest if it's broken, I'd be very careful doing any exercises or weights, just stretch it out as best as you can.


Answer by  beefcakejake (110)

My mother broke her wrist three years ago. Two therapies worked wonders: exercise putty, which came in three strengths for hand exercise, and a 'Dyna-Flex' gyroscope-based device just for wrists.


Answer by  Dylan (67)

If you have just broken your wrist, you really do not want to do anything to hurt it further. That means keep off of it. No exercise!

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