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Question by  jim1 (24)

What are common reactions to the ink used in intenze tattoo's?

I think I am having a reacation to the ink used in my last tattoo.


Answer by  worker4530 (303)

Intenze ink is a natural ink that contains natural pigments and alcohol. Its possible that you are allergic to the ingredients however its not too common, except with reds. It may be that you re allergic to something else the artist used as well, such as latex in their gloves.


Answer by  and1lpfan (356)

I am not really familiar with intenze tattoos. But, typically, when people have a reaction to ink, it gets red, itchy, or bumpy, or possibly looks infected. I would suggest going into the shop where you got it done and ask if it looks like a reaction, if they say yes, contact a medical professional.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

Intenze ink has natural pigments and alcohol. Some allergic reactions to the red ink. Could be latex allergy from artists latex gloves. Redness and swelling normal for 2-3 weeks.


Answer by  Duncan (1124)

Red bumps and light swelling can be normal, along with some pinkness right around the tattoo. If the pain and swelling does not subside, or the pinkness starts extending beyond right around the tattoo, you should see a doctor, as you could have an infection.


Answer by  LacysBooks6198 (5)

Make sure it is not just from the actual tattooing (red, slightly itchy, or sore). If there is a rash, flaky skin, or hives, consult a physician.


Answer by  djb228 (510)

Any tattoo results in redness and swelling for 2-3 weeks. Seek medical advice, especially for a red inflammation or flaky red rash or signs of infection.


Answer by  blueballoon (190)

If you are allergic to the ink, you are probably experiencing hives. How long has it been since the tattoo? It could be healing. Call your artist!

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