Question by  worker68 (17)

What are some common Samoan tattoo designs?


Answer by  shaemare (66)

Some common Samoan (also known as Polynesian) tattoo designs are dots (Togitogi), you can usually find these on Samoan women's hands. You will also often see a thin cross beam on a Samoan man's back. Tradional Tribal symbols and Tribal bands with a lot of detail, are also pretty common.


Answer by  Lmukeeper (262)

The most frequently seen Samoan tattoos are those of the tribal designs. The Samoan tribal is famous for its repitition of patterns. THis is what makes it stand out more so than other tribal designs.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Samoan tattooing began among women of high standing and spread throughout. The tatoos vary by family and are symbolic, including animals and intricate abstract black patterns.


Answer by  surajvvit123 (16)

Samoan tattoo are mainly of a tribal design. Some common tattoo design are dots (Togitogi). These are often found on the hands of Samoan women.The tattoos vary by family and are symbolic and sometimes include images of animals.


Answer by  ellen1 (14)

Some common Samoan tattoo designs are dots on womens hands or traditional tribal designs on men or women on the arms or legs.

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