Question by  Bigmoutaincat (17)

Where are Wiccan shops located?

I would like to go shopping for a friend of mine who is into wiccan clothing.


Answer by  EchoC (553)

Watch for Renaissance Fairs in your area. Renaissance Fairs will have Wiccan clothing and jewelry booths, as well as similar styles. Renaissance & Gothic clothing are similar to Wiccan clothing, so you can look for stores in your area with those specialties. Halloween and costume shops will also have these styles. Searching 'magic shops' or 'new-age shops' nearby also works.


Answer by  Merzkiyi (604)

Wicca is not a style of clothing, it is a religion, but try looking for hippie-type stores, New Age shops, even 'head shops' that sell smoking accessories. Basically anywhere that smells like incense or carries hemp clothing. Some alternative bookshops might also sell clothes like this.


Answer by  jaime24 (744)

I do not know where you are from but I know that Salem Massachusetts, New orleans LA, Vermont, a lot of places have shops for Wiccan things. You can also shop online for things like that. A lot of times you will find things you can not find anywhere else.


Answer by  beck (1099)

Probably the best place to look is in artsy districts in large cities or near large college campus areas. Most Wiccans are happy with any flowing type clothing made of natural materials which can be found in many import shops, cotton clothes from India are usually perfect. Look for cottons in gauze from India or Pakistan, or handmade clothes.

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