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Question by  hurricore (66)

What are common problems with peach trees?

I need to know what to expect from my peach trees.


Answer by  mya (62)

Loooooong to grow and make fruit :) Always keep eye for various disease and pest AND their natural antagonists (depends on zone); especially "worms" (moths larvas -> keep lights afar


Answer by  rajbharat (141)

For any tree the problems is attack of insects, mainly peach trees. Avoid by using right fertilizers to fight against and pray the almighty to have enough rain and necessary climate and be friendly to those trees which will give you what you've sown.


Answer by  jon5312 (120)

Angel Ivy Ring Topiary,Use this fast-growing angel ivy topiary as a lush, living frame for seasonal flowers and bulbs that you can plant at the base of the ring.


Answer by  aeturnus (474)

Some problems regarding peach trees are as follows: peach leaf curl, perennial canker, oriental fruit moth, peach tree borer, and bacteria-resultant leaf spot.


Answer by  Anonymous

Peaches are quite small in size. Also, ripening of fruits all at once unexpectedly

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