Question by  DeborahH (18)

What are common problems with a Toshiba laptop?

I need to understand problems with a Toshiba laptop.


Answer by  SystemOwner (137)

Common problems with Toshiba laptops is the same as the problems with other brands but what sticks out is the power jacks where the ac adapter fails to charge the portable battery. Another problem is the overheating of the unit which causes the system to automatically shutdown. There are also instances that LCD won't display the image.


Answer by  bojanchrgmailcom (69)

Overheating is a major problem with them.Also, some models have recharge problems, many of them have hardware glitches due to poor production control and third-party manufacturing.


Answer by  krish54 (37)

The common problems with a toshiba laptop are 1. Battery backup problems which comes after the six month usage, 2. And also display problems with dull monitor, 3. And the performance level is also very low compared to other laptops (like HP, DELL etc. ,) 4. And problems like failure with ram and processor.


Answer by  PeZook (35)

Mostly, Toshibas suffer from the common problem of BGA overheating. It's especially pronounced in the Qosmio series, the added bonus being that those are hard to repair.


Answer by  ahsanmahmoodawan (1169)

brother who say you Toshiba laptop have problems ? Toshiba have some good laptops in good price they use good graphics card and nice materiel but if you want to buy a laptop then i suggest you get something new like msi or asus laptop


Answer by  newarkdanny (459)

Some problems associated with Toshiba laptops are battery life. There have been reports were batter life last less than what Toshiba claims.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

A behaviour that I have seen on several Toshiba laptops is, that the display is not working properly in all positions.


Answer by  Caroline32 (5)

Overheating is one of the common problems of Toshiba Laptops. The keyboard and the bottom of you laptop are very hot when the laptop is working


Answer by  manish (7)

the most common problem is over heatine and shutting down of laptop when multiple programs are run on it simultaneously. it may lock up or reboot on touching the palm area near the speakers. the bad contact between DC-IN JACK board is also frequent problem


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

Most computer related problems that people experience stem from spyware and/or malware. Use a spyware and/or malware removal program such as Spybot or Ad-aware.


Answer by  Karatta (46)

Toshiba products are by and large dependable. However Toshiba laptops are known to have large amounts of propritary hardware, creating issues when repairs or replacements are necessary due to "forced-obselecense".


Answer by  Franco1234 (0)

Hey as I just have read, toshiba is one of the best laptop that I have use for much years.

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