Question by  jammycakes (13)

What are common diseases to white birch trees?

I need to know what common diseases are for white birch trees.


Answer by  jennifur75 (53)

Anthracnose and Wetwood are the two most common. Anthracnose can be spotted by small, irregular, circular, brown spots with dark brown edges. Wetwood is identified by a yellow-brown discoloration of the wood. The infected wood is much wetter than the surrounding wood and often drips a foul smelling slime.


Answer by  NvyWfy (37)

The Bronze Birch Borer which eats at the wood and can be lethal to the tree. The Birch Leafminer is an insect that digs into the leaves and eats them.


Answer by  dee68 (244)

Leaf Spots, Chlorsis, Herbicide Injury, and Heart rots are all common diseases to Deciduous trees such as White Birch trees.


Answer by  Taran (716)

The three most common birches grown on the prairies are the European weeping birch, the paper birch and the river birch. The insecticide should take care of any bug issues. The tree may have one of many fungal diseases that affect birch trees. Try spraying the tree with Daconil fungicide. Treat once and then re-treat in about 10 days.

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