Question by  VeronicaBlack (7)

What are black snakes with red bands on their neck?

I found a black snake in my back yard and am afraid it is poisonous.


Answer by  Brandon18 (19)

The Snake you found is a Western Ringneck snake. It is harmless they only eat earthworms and other small bugs like spiders. So you dont have to worry it not poisonous.


Answer by  Caleb14 (292)

This is what's called a Ringneck snake (Diadophis sp. ) They are a small and non-aggressive species. While they are rear-fanged and have a mild toxin in their venom, it only effects the small prey animals that make up their diet. These snakes are completely harmless to humans and rarely, if ever, attempt to bite.


Answer by  Requin (290)

It is a probably a ring necked snake. They are mildly venomous but they have rear-facing fangs, so it does not pose much of a threat to you, particulalry if you leave it alone. If it's a ring-necked snake it will also have a colored belly, usually red or orange. If you don't bother it, it won't bother you.

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