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Question by  johnpcharles (14)

What are alternative medicine for low blood pressure?

I have low blood pressure and would like alternative medicine ideas.


Answer by  IsabellaLinzy (111)

The biggest alternative medicine for High blood pressure that I can think of is diet. Red meat and animal fat should be limited to a very small amount. Also helpful is a no refined flour/sugar diet. Good fats are important to incorporate into the diet, such as olive, flax, canola, and fish oils. Nuts also are good for the heart.


Answer by  worker9429 (23)

One way to cure or cope with the effects of hypotension is thru sweating. Sweating can be achieved thru exercising. Another way to cope or cure with the effects of hypotension or low blood pressure is through diet. If you have low blood pressure your diet should include vegetable juices and unrefined sea salt


Answer by  worker6719 (13)

Herbal Medicine refers to folk and traditional medicinal practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts for the treatment of medical conditions.


Answer by  pambam (892)

Low blood pressure is desirable if it is a result of excellent physical fitness. If not, increase your use of salt and add vitamins B and C to your diet.

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