Question by  Ariel (118)

What advice would you give to a British Expat coming to work in the states?

I will be moving to the states soon to work as a British Expat.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Most Brits are aware (and appalled) by the cultural differences adjust. Most Brits are far more aware of life in America than Americans are of life in the UK. Brits are quite common, especially in the larger urban areas. Be prepared to be flattered or annoyed by the constant, constant, constant comments about your accent. And bring your own chocolate.


Answer by  lanswers (51)

It depends on where you will be working, but for the most part it should be an advantage to be a British expat in the states. You may want to be sure of discussing your health care options with a prospective employer, since they will be responsible for that.

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