Question by  Jamz (12)

What advice can you give me on teaching an eight year old how to do the whip back tuck?

My daughter is having a hard time learning to do the whip back touch and needs to do it to reach the next level.


Answer by  crash0708 (83)

To do a whip, the power must be maintained throughout the tumbling pass. Instead of raising the arms above the head to get lift, the legs are used and the arms are kept at about shoulder height slightly to the sides. The end result would be a straight body that moves back rather than up.


Answer by  kbowdridge (79)

Remember that a whip is just a backhandspring with no hands. A back tuck is different. To do a whip you need to do a powerful round-off. Have her practice her round-off backhandsprings and push higher on the backhandsprings each time until she does it without touching her hands.


Answer by  Stefanie (13)

Practice makes perfect. You daughter needs confidence in herself to be able to try a new skill. She must be able to do the round off - back handspring combination flawlessly before trying to learn the whip back tuck. Good luck.

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