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Question by  charliep515 (22)

What should I do if my PSP is frozen?


Answer by  Zachary (18)

You should try and hold the power button up for ten seconds. If that doesn't work you can take out the battery and reset the game. If both of those options do not work then you might have to get a new one or pay a professional to fix it which would cost a ton of many.


Answer by  MTurk87 (39)

Hold the power switch in the 'on' position for up to ten seconds. The PSP should power off. If this does not work, you may remove the battery by removing the cover on the back of the unit and lifting it out. Replace the battery and turn the PSP on to return to the home screen.


Answer by  RobertJamey (124)

Remove the battery and put it again. If this happens usually contact the service. It is not such big deal actually, it probably is a minor bug, but if this happens more than 2 times a hour you really should call the service or contact the salesman. Hope it helped. Rob Fred


Answer by  xazurianx (330)

A PSP can freeze for a couple reasons. Some are system freezes due to an error with the system process or hardware itself. Others are due to the game crashing or encountering an error. If it's a hardware freeze that doesn't allow you to simply reset the system remove the battery for approximately 10 seconds then reinsert in.


Answer by  CartoonCarl (108)

Hold the power switch down for a long time. That should shut it down.If that does not work then you might need to take the battery out of it.You need a screwdriver to do this,but once the battery is out the system will shut down. Leave it be for a couple minutes. Now pop the battery back in.should work.


Answer by  Anonymous

buy a new one!


Answer by  sekarksg (4)

You should turn it off, wait a minute or two and then take out the batterey. If the problem persists, check and see if there are any other current updates. Or, if it is that bad, call the psp assistance line. It's killed itself because it's made by sony.


Answer by  hfjdhs (0)

throw it

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