Question by  prasenjitdg (25)

Should you see a heartbeat at a week ultrasound?

I had an ultrasound and there ws no heartbeat.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

If you had an ultrasound at one week along the only thing you should have seen is a fetal pole. At this point your baby has attached to the uterus.


Answer by  lizzieo (11)

There is usually no heartbeat until the 5th or sixth week of pregnancy. At one week you can expect to see only a yolk sack. The fertilized egg does not usually implant until around 10-14 days after conception, which is around the time that you can get a positive pregnancy test. A future ultrasound should show the heartbeat.


Answer by  JK (48)

A heartbeat will not be detected after one week of pregnancy. Usually around eight weeks the sound of the heartbeat will be detectable.

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