Question by  101ninababe (2)

Should my brother care if his old girlfriend goes out with his friend, and should he punch him?

My brother is really mad about the whole mess.


Answer by  mtown934 (733)

Well, obviously your brother has a right to be mad in this case, but if he just sits back and thinks logically, he'll see that it didn't work out with his ex-girlfriend so why not give his friend a chance? Everyone deserves a chance at love he should calm down.


Answer by  malone (4817)

While the girlfriend and the friend's behavior is tacky and gross, it is none of your brother's business who she dates. The friend should have more respect for your brother, but obviously does not. Nobody should every punch anybody. That solves nothing. You should stay out of it.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

For a man to actually believe a woman is his property even after the relationship has ended implies a very juvenile and absurdly territorial attitude on his part. Your brother shouldn't care, especially if he was the one to end the relationship or be the cause of it ending.


Answer by  slash (0)

No. But this is some complicated stuff that I wouldn't want to mess with. If you tell him off, he will most likely get mad at you too.

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