Question by  shanti (15)

Should I put ABD on my resume?

ABD means all but dissertation--is it better to have that on or leave it off?


Answer by  tracyt (65)

Yes, you should put ABD on your resume. If your are trying to gain employment with an academic institution then the human resources or academic affairs office will want to know how close you are to completing your Ph.D.


Answer by  radiantrachel (39)

I suggest you leave it off. Future employers like resumes short and to the point. The less the better. You can recap your dissertation in the interview.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

It depends on what position you are applying for. Also, do you intend to do the dissertation at a later time? Is the dissertation in progress? If you are getting a terminal degree, like a master's, you can just leave it at that.

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