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Question by  whitekeys (112)

Should I lay laminate wood flooring in a rental unit?


Answer by  Anonymous

Laminate flooring is easily damaged when moving heavy furniture and appliances. As a longtime landlord I recommend porceline tile in high traffic is extremely durable and should last 20 years or so. In other areas use an inexpensive carpet and expect to replace it every few years.


Answer by  tamekala (44)

Laminate is available in all colors and plank sizes. It is also relatively inexpensive in comparison to wood flooring and many carpets. It also comes with a warranty, and the least I've seen is a 10 year warranty. It is also easy to clean and extremely durable. I think it would work well in a rental unit.


Answer by  Patrick (37)

Laminate flooring is a cheap way to enhance the look and to add value. Adding laminate would increase the value and look of the property. It is an any easy project for someone that is willing to spend a good full day laying the floor. The laminate could help with resale and would attract more prospective renters to the property.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Generally people do not take care of a rental unit the same way they take care of their own homes, so if you put down a floor that is not sturdy, you will have to replace it. If you choose a laminate flooring, choose one that is extremely sturdy. Otherwise, try indoor-outdoor carpet or vinyl tile.


Answer by  debuli (9)

I have laminate wood flooring in my house and love it, so I laid it in my 1st floor rental unit. There was a leak from the upstairs neighbor's washing machine. The water ruined the laminate flooring, so I say avoid it if it is a lower unit.


Answer by  123barbo (60)

It depends on the cost of your material, the cost of your labor and the quality of your renters. Most laminate flooring does not recover well from spills and is easily marked. The surface becomes slippery when wet and can create a hazard. It is best to use low cost replacable flooring in rental units.


Answer by  debuli (9)

I have laminate wood flooring in my home and love it, so I laid in my lower rental unit. The washing machine in the upper unit leaked, spilled unto the laminate floor, and ruined it. I would not recommend it for a lower unit!

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