Question by  Kaylene (93)

Is it safe to place a wood stove on a laminate floor?

I want a wood stove and have laminate flooring.


Answer by  StingRay (471)

That would be terribly dangerous. Laminate floor burns very well, putting aside the fact that it would warp due to the heat. You can put down a brick pad(using morter) twice the footprint of the stove on the laminate floor to avoid any danger or damage to your home.


Answer by  Anonymous

Don't do it! It ruined our laminate floors!


Answer by  Rani60 (351)

Stove clearance advice the minimum safe distance between a wood stove and surrounding walls and floors. Don't place a wood stove in the basement,because it will lose heat and immediately ruin the Laminate Floor..


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

You will need to take precautions and not place the stove directly onto the laminate; create some kind of stage or step with concrete or bricks.


Answer by  Anonymous

yeah I am investing in a stove next and have just laid a good laminate floor, we are looking at a nice big stone for the stove to sit on, we have a brick wall so thats good

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