Question by  heather22 (29)

Should I get a pet monkey?

I have always wanted a pet monkey but am unsure of what it would entail.


Answer by  karebeer (429)

You would have to have a certain certificate for having an exotic animal/wild animal as a pet! Monkeys also throw poop which is very unclean! I wouldnt get one!


Answer by  sharon4595 (650)

I would not get a monkey for a pet becaue they are very nasty. They will tear up your house and just make messes. Not a good idea for a pet.


Answer by  Anais (32)

A pet monkey is a huge responsibility. A monkey can be as time-consuming to care for as a child, and more destructive. It's best to get an easier to care for pet, and limit your monkey interest to watching nature dvds, reading about monkeys, and visiting them at a natural habitat zoo.


Answer by  Kat123 (591)

I would not recommend that you get a pet monkey unless you know that you can take care of the animal, and keep it safe. If you do get one, beware...

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