Question by  joemason (83)

Is it legal to buy a monkey as a pet, if so where can I buy one and how much do they cost?

I have always wanted a pet monkey.


Answer by  quilzas (48)

In some states it is illegal to buy a monkey as a pet. Other states require a permit, and even facility inspections. There are also additional cost concerns, such as medical care, but basic costs ranges anywhere from $1,000-$8,000 for babies, though possibly less for adults.


Answer by  partyanimal33 (452)

It firstly depends on where you live. Some states allow monkeys to be owned by the general public while others only allow them to be owned by individuals who have a license for exotic pets. Some other states do not allow it at all. There are many legal breeders that sell monkeys but they are very expensive, over $1000 usually.


Answer by  mpartin (1600)

You will need to check with your local county and state laws as it is illegal to own a monkey in alot of states. If it is legal, only purchase from a reputable breeder so that you get quality and not one that is sick. Can cost $600-$1800.


Answer by  mo (22)

From what I have heard, it is not legal in the USA to own a pet monkey. However, maybe if you move to Costa Rica then you can get one.


Answer by  guilmo (118)

Yes it's legal if you own a certificate capacité.Attention most are banned and red list, 99% of ads on the web are scams. 90% of primates in an aging individuals become dangerous and they must be euthanized. A monkey is 2 years of happiness wholesale damage

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