Question by  jeremy46 (325)

Should I buy a baby travel system or separate items?

I am new to babies and don't know what is best.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Whatever you prefer is just fine. Often times people get travel systems because the items are discounted when bought in a set and both items match. Other people just go out and buy what you like. So really it's up to you. There isn't a set way you have to do things.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

This would be an individual preference. However, if you unfamiliar you probably don't have any preferences yet. A travel system would be a better solution because the car seat and the stroller will work well together and will match in pattern and style. If you have a specific use in mind then separates are better.


Answer by  juliannna (639)

The travel system would be a better deal because it would come with everything you would want and need but the seperate items you could buy slowly over a period of time.


Answer by  snessia (991)

Having done this with two kids, I would definitely recommend getting the travel system. It is so nice when baby is small to just be able to transfer the car seat to care, stroller, house, etc. without taking baby out. Also if you have two cars, get an extra base.


Answer by  str8upcutie83 (471)

A travel system is a good purchase since the carseat fits directly on the stroller without having to wake the baby up. You can also use the carrier in grocery shopping carts and at restaurants. It is a very convenient.

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