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Question by  carlaviii (44)

Can there be separation anxiety in adults?

I think my boyfriend has separation anxiety.


Answer by  oldmom (716)

It's possible, but likely that your boyfriend feels unsure of you,and feels uncomfortable unless you are with him. This is not really a healthy thing and he should be encouraged to allow you independence and to seek it for himself as well.


Answer by  Scook9989 (43)

There is a possibility for separation anxiety in adults. However, it does not occur as often in adults as it does in children. I would recommend you suggest he see a mental health provider if his separation anxiety affects his ability to perform every day tasks.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Yes, separation anxiety can occur in adults, but not often, and it would difficult to diagnose (much more common with a child). Be careful he is just using this to control you and/or smother you.


Answer by  Anonymous

I don't agree with the messages above, I'm here looking for answers for this for myself having separation anxiety with my boyfriend. When he leaves for work, I get really sad and sometimes have anxiety attacks and just not happy unless he's home. It has nothing to do with control.

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