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Question by  worker38 (21)

How do you increase mother's milk production in a nursing female dog?

My dog recently had a very large litter, and instead of only one runt, there are about three smaller puppies. I'm concerned they're not getting enough milk.


Answer by  karenbichon (18)

Milk production after delivery is wholly dependent upon diet, condition and the ability of nursing pups to suckle.Borage and Milk Thistle given to the dam will increase milk flow, but so will a quality diet high in fat ,protein and a quality carb source like mashed creamed potatoes.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

Mother's milk comes in a supply and demand style. If you can allow her to nurse her puppies in two groups, alternating group feedings and decreasing the time between feedings, her milk should increase with the increased demand. Try to provide a comfortable, calm place for her to nurse her puppies and all should go well!


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

Try to get three of the larger puppies off a nipple and allow the smaller ones to feed. Or, the best solution is to buy puppy formula and bottle feed them the formula. That way you make sure that the smaller runts are well fed and will have enough food for them.


Answer by  nickl2000 (540)

It's the same as with humans, the more the puppies nurse the more that she will produce. However, if you are concerned with them getting enough get some forumla from your local pet store.


Answer by  tudy (20)

Just like humans, a mother's milk is the best diet for newborn puppies. Nursing is a natural process and anyone who has seen litter nursing will attest to this before. Young puppies have very high nutritional requirements for their extremely fast growth rates and high energy levels.


Answer by  morrisong (0)

When is the appropriate time to change the dams diet before the litter arrives

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