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Question by  MamaLoca (20)

Should I be concerned about rust colored spots on my lemon tree?


Answer by  Nother (102)

One possible source of these spots may be a parasitic algae, Cephaleuros, which attacks tropical and subtropical trees, causing a disease known as Red Algal Disease. This will attack leaves and bark, causing large masses of red spores which give a rust-like appearance and eventually will kill the tree.


Answer by  Cuckoo (22)

If the rust colored spots are covered by a yellow circle, the tree could be suffering from Alternaria Brown Spot and you have reasons to be concerned. This is very serious and if left uncared it could kill the tree.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

This happens only on the old trees.The skin on the barks may shrink as it gets old and turn to dark color.It is a sign of old age.So you need not worry about it.Add manure and water the plant daily to make it healthy.


Answer by  Wayne100 (42)

That is the present stage of the fruit peel is still these young, vulnerable to the wind when the leaves next to scratch, this situation is called the wind scar, there are a lot of fruit will have the phenomenon that all horticulturists there will be bagging the generated content.

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