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Question by  justtony (1)

On my Dodge Caravan 01, most of the time when my van comes to a stop, I hear this humming sound. What is it?

It's coming from the hood of the van, most likely from the brakes because I can practically feel the vibration on the brake pedal.


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

Sound's like bad brake pads if the sound come's as you apply the brake and you can feel it on the pedal.Check brake pad's and the rotor's could need replaced.


Answer by  bcs (65)

It is most likely the ABS anti-lock braking there is a motor under the hood the kicks on when the vehicle thinks there is one wheel moving slower than the others check your tire pressure most common problem or a bad sensor


Answer by  Tony103 (93)

it sounds like it has warped rotors, which can cause a pulse of the brake pedal. it may also cause brake noise.

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