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Question by  barefoot60 (44)

How do you adjust a headlight on a Dodge Caravan?

I need to adjust the headlight on my Dodge Caravan.


Answer by  youngsc (122)

On all vehicles there should be two adjustment screws. They should both be visible from the top when looking down on them. One will adjust the left to right angle of the headlight, the second will adjust the up and down angle. Make sure after making adjustments that all screws are tight so the light doesn't "bounce" when driving.


Answer by  neielg (311)

Remove the bezel to locate the horizontal and vertical screws. Measure from the center of the headlights to the floor and transfer the mark to the wall. Mark the location, it will serve as a guide. Focus on the wall as you adjust the screws by low beam or high.


Answer by  Grag (452)

Lift your hood up and look at the headlight. There should be a dial or a screw. If it is a dial just turn the dial until you get the desired position. If it is a screw (it should be a alan key head) Use a alan key and turn it until the desired position

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