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Question by  sakura001 (49)

My white gutters are all stained. How do I get rid of the stains?

I painted over them in the summer but the stains bled through.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

Stains like this are usually in the metal. This is why the stain bleeds through. They best thing to do is to either strip the metal and scrub the stains out with an oxidizing agent or you can coat the metal with a new layer of primer and paint over that. However this nightmare may begin again.


Answer by  ace95 (256)

Have you tried using bleach? It may sound simple but it works. Bleach tends to whiten anything. Simply spray it onto the surface and wait for a few hours then wipe with a cloth. The stains should disappear. If not then repaint the gutters but this time use a gloss paint and paint it thickly.


Answer by  keith75 (114)

The best way to clean your gutters would be to use a pressure washer. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to use. Instead of buying expensive paint, you can use the pressure washer over and over again at little to no cost to you. This will allow you to clean the gutters whenever you feel it to be necessary.


Answer by  nikolettaze (9)

I hate when this happens. My opinion to get rid of the stains from your white gutters is that you should use bleach. I think this might be helpful and effective.

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