Question by  Sacrina (32)

My son's probation was revoked, what can I do to get it reinstated?


Answer by  gary23 (130)

The probability of this to happen is very minimal. Your son's probation officer is the only one who can do anything about the revocation. You need to understand this revocation was probably on the making for some time due to other violations of the probation terms by your son. He will serve a few months and out again. Cheers.


Answer by  Wallybingus (176)

Hire a lawyer if you think the revocation was unjust. Otherwise, decisions about sentencing and probation are up to the courts. If your son has done something to violate his probation, hence the revocation, it might be helpful to let him pay the consequences for his actions. That's learning the hard way, but at least it's learning.


Answer by  Julie92 (99)

In order to have the probation reinstated you must show that there's a cause. For example, if he broke into a building he would have had to commited a crime similar to that. You'd have to go to court and ask the judge for another probation order. Many times the previous order can be reinstated by judges orders.


Answer by  Ed57 (95)

First, contact the probation officer to explain the problem, submitting documents/letters to confirm the revokee's contrition. At the court hearing, call witnesses who can attest to the changed attitude of the revokee. The revokee himself should testify to acknowledge his own fault and to illustrate worthiness for a second chance. He should emphasize spiritual changes in his life.

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