Question by  Ganesan (53)

My 5-month-old puppy has a lot of mucus and is tired, what is wrong with him?


Answer by  Erica95 (323)

It could be an upper respiratory infection possibly leading toward pneumonia or kennel cough. Your puppy should be seen by a vet as soon as possible as any illness in a puppy could be very serious.


Answer by  Alynight (78)

This could be a kennel cough. If you so happen to have your AC on make sure it's not hitting your puppy in the face. Pupies are likely to get sick very easily. You might think of going to vet and get an antibiotic called amoxicillan.


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

Your puppy is sick, get him to a veterinarian for a check up. The mucus probably means upper respiratory infection and the treatment is antibiotics. Get him vaccinated as well.


Answer by  sasser1102 (198)

It could be an upper respiratory problem, kennel cough, or allergies. You would have to take them to a vet to make sure. Any kind of infection could lead to the animal being tired. Puppies need a lot of sleep, so having an infection can wear them down and cause further issues.

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