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Question by  skateycat (124)

What could be wrong if I am tired and have no energy?

I am tired all the time.


Answer by  informant31 (510)

Lack of sleep, to much sleep,urinary tract infections,nutritional disorders, endocrine disorders, vitamin deficiency,lack of exercise, heavy workload, stress, arthritis, and depression are among many causes of being tired or fatigue.


Answer by  steve12 (342)

It could be caused by many things, probably physical exhaustion, or lack of sleep, stress, etc. But, if we are looking for medical conditions that might be behind it, it might be an anemia, mononucleosis, some thyroid issue. You should check for diabetes, heart condition, some other blood related disease, etc.


Answer by  Lornah (282)

Carbohydrates in your diet are very little or absent. Fatigue without working is also a symptom of diabetes and therefore you should visit a medical doctor for diagnosis.


Answer by  Anonymous

If you wake up tired after being asleep for 8 hours, you could have a sleep disorder. (waking up repeatedly, even if you don't remember it) There are many potential causes, all of which a sleep study can diagnose and treat.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

Eliminate caffeine from your diet. Get enough sleep, but don't oversleep. Check to see if you are lacking vitamins. Try to eat healthy meals and do some exercise. If none of this helps, you should consult with your doctor to see if an underlying illness is the cause of your problem.


Answer by  meganliu (62)

If I am tired and have no energy,reasons could be as follows: firstly, I think I might catch a cold or have a flu. Secondly, I have too much pressure.

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