Question by  misschilly007 (20)

What does it mean when a dog has mucus coming out of his eyes and is tired?

My dog has mucus coming out of his eyes and is tired.


Answer by  SAlexander (31)

Yellow/green mucus is not normal. If the eyes are red or if there's a film the dog may have an infection. If the dog appears lethargic or unlike himself, take the animal to the vet. If it doesn't appear serious, you can try dropping saline water into his eyes a couple times a day.


Answer by  triscuitsmom (16)

The mucus could mean a number of things. It could be eye allergies, just like people get seasonal allergies. Or some other irritant could be in your dog's eye and his body is trying to work it out. Or, mucus could be a sign of infection. Particularly if it is yellow or green. You should talk to your vet.

posted by Anonymous
it is green in the inside corners more in one eye just a little in the other mostly in the mornings for last few days  add a comment

Answer by  LadyBay67 (18)

It could be that your dog is sick. Check to see if his nose is dry aswell, a dry nose is another indicator of a sick dog.

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