Question by  easif (38)

Why are the OPI discontinued colors of nail polish their best colors?

All the good colors are gone!


Answer by  steffyboo26 (27)

all OPI products are great... maybe the OPI discounted colors of nail polish are better then the rest because they come in smaller bottles( as I recall) and because they are cheaper so automatically they sell better, this way the product never get's the chance of getting old, being always fresh and new so in my opinions that's the reason


Answer by  meanlook (74)

It seems to be a mystery as to why OPI discontinues its best colors. It is clear that many people are unhappy with this decision, but you can still get these coveted colors. Most, or perhaps all, of the discontinued OPI nail polish colors can be purchased online.

posted by Anonymous
I have looked everywhere for the color "sheer luck", with no success. So many people love this color because it is neutral. I always had compliments and & always was asked what is that color....where did you buy and who made it.  add a comment

Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

Unfortunately, people have different taste in nail polish colors. Most likely OPI discontinued your favorite colors because they were not selling enough of them. Hopefully you can find a replacement.

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