Question by  earlgrey (45)

Is turkey bacon healthier than pork bacon?

I am trying to make all the changes I can to be healthier.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Turkey bacon often has less fat then pork bacon, but check against brands. It is likely they both contain the same amount of sodium. If the turkey bacon is not as satisfying, you may consume more of it then you would the pork. Better to reduce then exchange.


Answer by  annie52foof (1459)

Absolutely! Turkey anything including pork bacon is always healthier than pork products. It does not contain the fat and cholesterol that pork does. Turkey meat is much leaner than pork.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

Yes, turkey is a leaner meat with less fat content, so turkey bacon is a much healthier, lower calories option which is easy to substitute into your breakfast meal preperation.


Answer by  John (9008)

Turkey bacon is much healthier than pork bacon. It is high in protien, and very nutritious. More importantly, however, it lacks the bad things that are in pork bacon. Pork bacon is high in fat and cholesterol, while turkey bacon is not.

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