Question by  sejal (13)

How does turkey bacon taste?

Is it as good as real bacon?


Answer by  ruth (407)

It is not as good a real bacon, it is slightly saltier and doesn't get as crispy. But it is still good. Better cooked than fried.


Answer by  Chris11 (26)

Turkey bacon tastes better than or equal to real bacon. It is usually thinner and healthier due to less fat, but it has the same great taste. If you didn't know it was turkey bacon, you would think it was real bacon, just cut in thinner slices.


Answer by  Lisa66 (188)

I don't notice any real difference between regular pork bacon and turkey bacon. It is crispy and has good flavor. Give it a try.


Answer by  John (9008)

Turkey bacon tastes close to real bacon, but is a little different. The flavor is more subtle, but very similar. It is much leaner and less crisp than regular bacon, as well.


Answer by  Jenn (116)

Yes, turkey bacon tastes just like real bacon. I prefer the ones that use white and dark meat so that the bacon has the look of real bacon. Jennie-O Turkey Store has a very good turkey bacon, but I also buy the Mejier brand. It does cook faster than real bacon, but the pan is nearly dry.

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