Question by  udaipur (219)

Is there such a thing as unbreakable glass?

or is all glass breakable?


Answer by  Desine (427)

There is no unbreakable anything. Under sufficient stress, anything can break. Glass is made safer not by making it unbreakable but by making it break into safer pieces.


Answer by  zachdelkus (20)

By itself, glass is in fact always breakable. Glass, by its definition is made out of materials that can at least crack. The only exception to this is when a hybrid material is made such as plexi-glass. This type of material can in fact be unbreakable, but it is not considered glass.


Answer by  kaboom969 (242)

All types of glass are breakable, including the bullet-proof glass. Glass is really a mixture of different materials fused together. So there are sections of glass where it is really strong and some sections that are really weak. You just need to hit the weak spots at the right angles with enough force, and the glass will crack or shatter.


Answer by  luvlexis83 (798)

There is such a thing as unbreakable glass that is usually called shatterproof glass. It is usially used in windows, certain stemware, and bottles.


Answer by  jens (40)

All glass is breakable, but there are special glasses. There are glasses with iron in it to make it more secure when it brakes. Or there are "Panzerglass" translatet von German into English bullet-proof glass used in banks. This glass can also break but not that fast as the glass you use in your window.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

All glass is breakable at certain pressures. However, there is some glass types that are more break resistant than others and can withstand drops from over 10 feet.


Answer by  Clairlyssia (233)

No there is no such thing as unbreakable glass. Plexiglass is quite strong and is hard to break but it is still able to be broken if put under enough pressure.


Answer by  mtown934 (733)

Bulletproof glass that is used on government vehicles (among other things) is about as close as you can come to completely unbreakable glass. However, everything can be broken if the right amount of force (mass times acceleration) is applied to it so there is no such thing as completely 100% unbreakable glass.


Answer by  Jenn91 (122)

Bullet-proof glass is said to be unbreakable. If the force of the of the greatest forces on earth cannot break it, it is probably unbreakable.


Answer by  Echo (229)

There is news that Alfred University has signed an agreement with Santanoni Glass to produce unbreakable glassware that has produced the highest shatter resistant glass to date, however no glass is unbreakable, much like how nothing is really inflammable or flame retardant. The closest thing you can find to unbreakable glass is a car windshield, the outside breaks, inside intact.

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