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Question by  JSchro (19)

What could be the cause of distorted vision with new glasses?

I have new glasses, yet my vision is still distorted.


Answer by  Cyn (408)

The main causes can be the RX that the OD wrote is off, or the glasses were made incorectly. Less comoom causes are that you have not afjusted to the new RX, or your eyes are not compatible with the lens material the optician fitted you with. Have your optician double check the glasses, then go back to the OD.


Answer by  drJ (841)

If your prescription has changed a lot, it may take a few days to allow your eyes to adjust. People have also reported having distorted vision for a time when going from normal thickness lenses to "lightweight" lenses since the curvature of the lens is different. If it doesn't resolve with 2 weeks, you should see your eye doctor.


Answer by  Pinto (166)

You may be having an error of refraction due to increased sugar levels. You would require to check your sugar levels (diabetes). Or you may have to get your glasses rechecked to see that the lens are right.

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