Question by  jennybop (254)

Is there such a thing as dark milk chocolate?

I've heard of dark chocolate and milk chocolate, but not dark milk chocolate.


Answer by  Connie123 (44)

No. There is no such thing as dark milk chocolate, as milk chocolate is simply dark (pure) chocolate mixed with milk and sugar. You can buy many different varities of dark chocolate depending on their cocoa solids. usually around 70%.


Answer by  george75 (7)

To my knowlege there is no such thing as dark milk chocolate due to the fact that with milk chocolate you have to have a certain percent of milk solids in it and with dark chocolate it has to be a greater percentage of cocoa in it.


Answer by  dbennett30 (11)

There is no such thing as dark milk choclate. Dark choclate does not contain any milk, where as milk choclate does. Dark choclate contains chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla and leicithin. Milk chocolates are generally much sweeter than dark chocolate, and have a lighter color and a less pronounced chocolate taste.


Answer by  kaye25 (49)

I have never heard of dark milk chocolate. Unless it's understood that dark chocolate is also milk chocolate the term is confusing.

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