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Question by  Manoj48 (13)

Is there anything I can do to help my boyfriend whom wets the bed from time to time?

My boyfriend seems to wet the bed about once every two weeks.


Answer by  Ricky17395 (6)

There are many reasons that a person will wet the bed. The most common of these reasons is that the individual may be under a tremendous amount of stress. Before seeking medical advice, try to help your boyfriend relax. Light candles and play soothing music before hitting the hay.


Answer by  FrankG (23)

There are many factors that may contribute to adult bed wetting. For example, an enlarged prostate or other prostate condition can lead to occasional bed wetting. Suggest to your boyfriend that he make an appointment to have his prostate checked. In the meantime, suggest that he refrain from drinking any liquids after seven o'clock.


Answer by  kdem (551)

Seeking the source of the problem will be the best help but not always so easy, just be very supportive and let him know it does not bother you.


Answer by  Lieve (19)

Try to find out why he does this and if it has a medical reason. You also can wake him up halfway the night to use the bathroom. Try to avoid drink after 8pm will help a lot too. Good luck.

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