Question by  calweb (16)

Is there any way to revive a dried ink cartridge?


Answer by  Jacob47 (295)

No because the ink have lost the chemical structure and fluid. But the cartridge can be refilled with specific kit. The kit is composed of: a chip resetter (so the printer recognize it as new), minimun 4 bottle of ink (red, yellow, blue and black), a syringe to refill the cartridges.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

No. A dried out ink cartridge has been sucked dry of all its usable contents. You can however add more ink to the cartridge and continue to use it. Refill kits are sold at Staples


Answer by  Kannan68 (23)

Yes, You have to clean the dried ink cartridge with the wet cotton cloth gently on the nozzle, and also you have to run clean the nozzles command

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