Question by  MarkampMartina (29)

How can I revive dried out petunias?

They didn't get watered for several days.


Answer by  JayneR (183)

Petunias die very easily. However you can try to revive them by cutting back any yellowing foilage, submerging the plant in water and then placing in a shady area. Keep an eye on the plant and keep the soil damp to see if you can save the plant. Adding a fertiliser may also help revive the plant.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

First cut back the yellowing leaves, then dunk the plant in water. After the bath, place it in a shady area. Add some fertiliser to the plant, and then keep a close eye on the soil. Keep it damp and hope the plant comes back.


Answer by  dwammer (710)

Petunias are hearty and can survive the neglect but it may take several thorough waterings. Thoroughly water the plant and allow thirty to forty minutes in between waterings. If they don't return to full lushness, try pruning one of the plants all the way back. They revive quicker and fuller when the they aren't lanky.


Answer by  helen20 (354)

The soil is very dry so you will need to water the plant twice thoroughly, with about half an hour between.

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