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Question by  grouchobeer (21)

How do I aim when making a bank shot in pool/billiards?

I am new to the game of pool and would like hints and tips on making a bank shot.


Answer by  naz08 (11)

Use your cue ball (the white ball) and aim for two-thirds of the ball you intend to bank in the opposite direction of the pocket (the hole)if your hole is near the ball. If your ball is far from the pocket, then aim to hit one-thirds of the ball in the opposite direction.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

This is hard to explain without visual aids, but I'll try! If you look at the balls from the angle you believe you should shoot from, cut the space bettwen the cue ball and your intending shot. This spot on the bank is where you want to aim for. You have to accommodate when one ball is further up, etc.


Answer by  keke (335)

The best way is to have it at an angle while aiming thats the best way bank shots are really hard.


Answer by  happygal (86)

Visualize the angle in your head. Using your cue stick as a guide, line up the object ball with the cue ball and the rail. Make a mark on the rail with the cue tip. Then from the spot on the rail align the cue stick with the target pocket. Try to make a half ball hit.


Answer by  adam24 (9)

wello the dots ushally help you its mostly about math and angles

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