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Question by  Daisy (161)

Is there a specific name for an irregular shape?


Answer by  Hers (32)

Shapes that are closed and have many sides are called polygons. Poly means many, -gon means side. So together the word polygons mean "many sides". Shapes that are irregular but are not closed are refferred to as a squiggly line and you can learn to graph those later.


Answer by  Olenka (176)

Names given to shapes come from their specific properties, so if a shape is truly irregular it won't have any. However, you can still use the generic name "polygon" (3D) or "polyhedron" (2D).


Answer by  Yimocool (16)

That depends on your definition of "irregular". A polygon with an angle greater than 180 degrees is called concave and is irregular in a way. If you mean all sides are not equal in length, there is no such name.


Answer by  anrimala36 (208)

What you are probably looking for is "simple polygon"-a series of connected lines segments, none of which cross over each other, that form a closed figure all in one plane.

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