Question by  duanebrn (17)

How can I get pregnant with irregular periods?

My periods are very irregular.


Answer by  Binome (1975)

You can get pregnant the same way as anyone else. I'll omit the details on the procedure. You can try using one of those over the counter ovulation tests, if you like. However, an irregular period can be a symptom of a more severe condition that can affect your ability to get pregnant in some other way. Ask your OB/GYN.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

There are medications your doctor can prescrive to help your menstural cycle become more regular. It may require you to go on birth control for a short period of time.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

Even without regular periods, you may still be ovulating. I would recommend using an ovulation test, available in most drug stores, to determine if you do ovulate.


Answer by  turker (142)

To get pregnant if you have irregular periods, it is helpful to use an ovulation predictor kit. It will tell you when the most fertile days of your cycle are.


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

Yes, it is very possible to get pregnant with irregular periods. If you have not already, start using a basal body thermometer to track your temperature fluctuations and an ovulator prediction kit. Many people have success just by using these two methods to identify ovulation changes from month to month. If you have no success, speak with your OB/GYN.


Answer by  SIDDHU (861)

Many females have irregular periods but they get pregnant the natural way. After periods have sex regularly or on every alternate days. Dont be stressed and have unecessary tension because these interfere a lot with your becoming pregnant. Lead a stress free life and do some exercise like yoga.

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