Question by  shaukat (92)

Is there a program that can decode music into guitar tablature?

I can't find guitar music for some songs I like.


Answer by  bassoomash (23)

There is a program that can decode music to guitar tablature. But first you have to find the song you like in midi format. After you've done this you can download Guitar Pro 5 and open the midi file using Guitar Pro. And there you have your song tabbed.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

There is no program currently. But you can do it by hand. Look up the note you see and make a small chart indicating the fingering.


Answer by  lillybaby (103)

I don't believe so, but my brother always looks on Google to find guitar tabs. He's taught himself many songs and found many of his favorites in tabs!


Answer by  littlechelyta (5)

If the music you want to decode is an mp3 file thereĀ“s no software developed until now. However, if the file you want to decode is a MIDI file there are some programs that can help you like Guitar Pro 5. since the MIDI has multiple tracks each one with its own tablature.


Answer by  pryamo (61)

There's nothing like that yet, not so simply at least no. Though you can try and just use a guitar tuner to figure out each note, one by one if you have the patience.


Answer by  Dixie82 (103)

Unfortunately, no - your best bet is to either listen to the music and try figuring out the guitar parts by ear, or find someone to do it for you.

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