Question by  LisaMc (24)

What are the different wood eating borer bugs?

I have wood eating borer bugs.


Answer by  Kryyn (18)

There's Carpenter Bees[Xylocopa Latreille], Horntails [Siricidae Tremex], Metallic Wood Borers [Buprestidae coleoptera], Powderpost Beetles [Lyctus brunneus], Shipworms [Bankia setacea], depending on your location, any number of these could be living in your house and/or Boat. Common ways to get rid of them include: Painting your house, Fumigation, and a substance called EcoSMART.


Answer by  sweets (47)

There are not many types of wood eating bugs. The most commonly known would be the termite but there are also beetles that eat wood.


Answer by  csj (114)

There are 5 common wood eating borer bugs. Shipworms (although the are not worms at all - they are an unusual species of saltwater clam), Powder Post Beetles (one of the most dangerous wood borers), Carpenter Bees (which resemble bumble bees), Metallic Wood borers (also known as jewel beetles), and Horntails (also known as wood wasps).

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