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Question by  tierneybaybeeh (0)

Is the United States still at war with Iraq?


Answer by  willard (874)

No. The Iraqi government is, officially speaking, on the U. S. side. There is still a war in Iraq in which US troops are fighting, but the war is not with Iraq. We're not at war with Afghanistan either. On can have an opinions about the good or ill of these wars, but one should be certain about who fights who....


Answer by  musicman (31)

The United States is no longer at war with Iraq. The troops there have become more of a police force and facilitating training for the Iraqi police and army. The war WITH Iraq was basically over with the toppling of the Saddam Hussein regime.


Answer by  Vontrez (10)

Yall should know that the war has been over from day one. This war was just nonsence i mean seriously did yall think that Iraq would even have a chance. Come on son!

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