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Question by  foo (23)

How do you replace a Hyundai spark plug?

I need to replace the Hyundai spark plug.


Answer by  jeffw (173)

Obtain the correct replacement plugs from your local auto parts store. Take care when removing the spark plug wire that you twist and pull on the boot not on the wire itself. Only change one plug at a time so that you don't mix up the spark plug wires. Gap the plugs with a feeler gauge before installation.


Answer by  Brian71 (82)

You are going to need to contact the Hyundai dealer themselves. Buying a Hyundai spark plug outside the dealer is called "aftermarket" parts, and usually, these do not fit properly. At the bare minimum you will have to purchase one from the dealer themselves. Whether or not you decide to pay them to install it is your choice.


Answer by  TravisUSMC (979)

Make sure you have the proper socket, extension, and socket wrench first. Insert socket over the old plug. Remove turning counter clockwise. If it sticks give the wrench a sharp jerk to loosen the plug. The old plug gets put in turning clockwise. Tighten to reccomended torque for your vehicle.


Answer by  bharathi (22)

Remove the pretty plastic on the top of the motor once remove you will have direct access to the front 3 spark plugs, to remove the rear spark plugs remove the intake manifold and then you will be able to access the back bank of spark plugs. then reassemble everything.

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