Question by  Andrew16 (4)

Is the Canon SD450 (Powershot) a good camera for someone with no experience taking pictures?


Answer by  jamity (26)

The Canon Powershot series is an excellent choice. For starters, it is a PNS camera - also known as a point and shoot. No experience is required. It also includes various shooting modes for different scenes, such as nighttime, which will make it easy to take photographs in different situations. Then when you want, you can use manual mode.


Answer by  fotolebrocq (7)

The tiny pocketable Canon SD 450 Powershot may not be the latest hi-tech camera on the block but that's what makes it great for newcomers to photography. As an easy to use point-and-shoot perfect for small prints and web photos, it may just be the best camera for a beginner.


Answer by  Laeticia (45)

I think it is a great camera! I have had three different models of Canon Powershot's and they have all been great! Some good features include: very easy to use, great zoom, simple functions, durable and a face locator on the display!


Answer by  TaisenHH (31)

Yes, the camera is good for anyone with little to no experience to someone with great experience. I would start the camera on auto settings until you get more comfortable.

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