Question by  popeoftheweasles (26)

What is the best camera for taking pictures of flowers?

I need camera recommendations.


Answer by  vikkyrs (377)

The digital camera used should be more than 6 mega pixels atleast. It should have a macromode setting. Olympus or canon will be the best choice.


Answer by  melon (250)

If you need a digital SLR go for Nikon's cheapest model. If you need a point and shoot camera either go for Nikon's cheapest VR model, or Canon's IS model.


Answer by  Photo (75)

More important than the type of camera is the type of lens. You will need a macro lens to effectively take close-up photos of small objects, such as flowers.


Answer by  howliecat (73)

The kind of camera you use to take close up photos is not as important as the type of lens that is used. A macro lens would be recommended.


Answer by  cashmang (112)

A Digital SLR (DSLR) with a "macro" lens is most appropriate for taking floral pictures. The DSLR will give nice soft backgrounds, crisp images and nice color. The macro lens will allow you to get very close to the flowers and see all the details in them.


Answer by  Brian73 (90)

What you're actually taking pictures of is somewhat irrelevant when choosing a camera. What's more important is the lens you use rather than the camera itself, though it's very important that you actually have a decent camera, rather than a cheap $95 digital camera. Get a lens that zooms and focuses well!

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