Question by  Sophia (24)

What are the different types of puppy medicine?

I need the different types of puppy medicine.


Answer by  karisti (20)

there are differnt types of medicine for puppies depending on whats wrong with the puppy theres heartgard plus deromaxx revolution sentinel rimadyl heartgard tabs


Answer by  worker5914 (33)

bayer has advantage multi medicine for puppys. just looks for barer health care for pets. these medicines are great for multiple paresites, so you can protect from most pests.


Answer by  Kozmo (286)

The FDA has approved some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for use in dogs. Veterinarians can, however, legally prescribe human drugs to animals unless it presents a risk to the public health. This type of use is known as extralabel, or off-label, for uses not listed on the label.

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