Question by  Pete88 (72)

What is a good book for sugar-free cooking?

I need recipes that don't use sugar.


Answer by  Max82 (270)

Sugar-Free Cookbook: Sweet Foods but No Sugar, is a very good cook book for healthy yet tasty recipes that contain no sugar. This book contains over 100 recipes!


Answer by  Lrhays (53)

The everyday slow cooker crock pot book looks good to me. They have simple recopies that you can use and make in the morning then will be ready in time for supper. The recopies are low carb and don't call for sugar. There is 120 recopies in the cookbook. They look easy to make.


Answer by  Cookinginbc (383)

Most diabeties cookbooks are a wealth of recipes for sugar free things. Dr. Gott's No Flour No Sugar cookbook by Peter Gott has some really good recipes in it. Also Gluton Free, Sugar Free Cooking by Susan O'Brien is also a good one. Good luck.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Recently I visited the Splenda website and found that they had a variety of sugar free recipes. I sent for their recipe book and made a few recipes. The blue berry muffins came out great and so did the lemon poppyseed. You need to buy the Spenda for baking, it is different they the packets you use in coffee.

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